European Reiki Group

Die European Reiki Group wurde in Genf gegründet und Ende August 2019 war der ÖBRT Gastgeber für internationale Reiki-Verbände aus ganz Europa. Unterhalb seht ihr die Themen, die wir diskutiert haben. Es ist immer wieder eine Freude den Reikispirit in der Community zu spüren, 25 TeilnehmerInnen aus 8 verschiedenen Ländern. Die politische Anerkennung von Reiki zu diskutieren, war allen ein großes Anliegen. Gerne könnt ihr euch über die Themen informieren über diese Plattform:, bzw. auch participant werden.

ERG Meeting in Vienna

Friday, August 30, 2019 5PM-6:30PM

Welcome and introductory round: name, short presentation of the association, what do you expect from the meeting and the ERG, another personal comment

Dinner: 18.30 in the Prince Ferdinand Schanigarten

Saturday, August 31, 2019 10AM-6PM

10AM-1PM incl. one pause

topics for the morning session

  • general report on ERG (synthesis and review) (Chinta and Francis)
  • invitations to national gatherings and the cooperation between national groups on specific topics. (Rene)
  • report of the working groups. (Angela)
  • code of conduct discussion (Chinta)
  • requirements of associations for membership everybody tells
  • inclusive national associations and exclusive associations or groups within a national territory. (Francis and Frederic)

Lunch in the Prince Ferdinand Schanigarten

3PM-6PM incl. one pause

Reiki and medicine

  • report research cancer project Isabella and (Angela)
  • Reiki in medicine study group: attempts and collaborations in Romania with the medical world. (Enikö)
  • Reiki in hospital (John Curtin)
  • New results on scientific level, physics, medicine, energy medicine, information medicine (Leo)
  • Idea of a common research-work (Leo)
  • Hands – On project via videoconference Fernanda and Rene at 17.00, pause before

Evening walk in the city and dinner in the (Regina Margarita)

Sunday, September 01, 10AM-2PM, 2019 incl. one pause

Health Policy

  • international practice for government accreditation of the non-profit organizations, start and implement positive examples. (Enikö)
  • how the Reiki Federations, from different European countries, have obtain the status of Federation and which is the national governmental institution (in their country) who recognized them and what conditions they had to meet. (Enikö)
  • Recognition of the profession through research, respiratory coherence, visualizing similar patterns -Biophysics (Leo)
  • Quality assurance (Nicole)


  • What are we planning to do?
  • Vision of everyone
  • What connects us?
  • What is our common goal with regard to (Reiki?
  • What is the way of Reiki over the next 25 years. (Nico Michielson)

Feedback, suggestions, where next meeting, stone pass

Lunch in the Prince Ferdinand Schanigarten Vienna old city sightseeing with (Leo)